Who is Recca Hanabishi?

Recca Hanabishi ("Raging Fire"), is a fictional character in the Japanese anime and manga series, Flame of Recca. Obsessed with ninjas since early childhood, Recca learns that he was originally born into the Hokage ninja clan 400 years ago, and was sent forwards in time by his mother, Kagero, to keep him from being slaughtered in a war. He is voiced by Kosuke Okano.

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Recca is a teenager who is obsessed with ninja, not knowing he is one himself. Being a descendant of the leading line of the Hokage, Recca has the ability to create Fire. A son of a fireworks manufacturer, he sometimes employs small incendiary devices or smoke bombs in combination with his elemental power to distract his enemies. Recca is quick to test his strength and is especially persistent when defending his love, Yanagi Sakoshita. Recca may be cocky and overconfident but manages to save his friends due to his ninja skills. Recca's flame power differs fundamentally from that of his allies and enemies in that it is innate to his being and thus does not require the use of an elemental item. He, however wears a Tekko or armband, to control his flame power. He will be burned by his own flame if he removes it. Recca must train his body to with stand his flame without the Tekko before he can use his real flame power.

	He has eight Karyu or Flame Dragons. These Flame Dragons are the spirits of Recca's ancestors and flame masters of the past. The names of the Flame Dragons are Saiha, Nadare, Homura, Setsuna, Madoka, Rui, Koku and Resshin. Every one of the Flame Dragons have their own personalities and powers. They lent Recca their powers whenever he needs it. Before Recca could use their powers, He must prove to them that he deserves to be their master. He acquired the 7 Flame Dragons except Resshin, the 8th Flame Dragon. Resshin is actually the spirit of Recca and Kurei's biological father, Oka. In the manga, eventually he achieved Resshin's power.

KARYU(8 Flame Dragons)

appearance name power information
1st Nadare Dan En, Fire Ball The first of Recca's Flame Dragons to submit. She's used relatively often, and creates fireballs.
2nd Saiha En Jin, Fire Blade (flame foundation: Falcon) The second to be tamed, Saiha creates a blade which can cut through nearly anything.
3rd Homura Ben En, Fire Whip / Strength (flame foundation: Snake) Recca's third Flame Dragon to submit. He is a strength-enhancing flame. Recca uses this Dragon usually around his fist, or as a whip. When Recca uses the flame Dragon around his hand and arm, his flame takes the shape of the Dragon and he strikes the enemy with his fist. This attack is one of Recca's strongest moves.
4th Setsuna Shun En, Fire Flash / Fire Spray A very bitter, very angry Flame Dragon. It is the Fourth to submit to Recca. Setsuna will burn anyone who looks into his eye; otherwise, he is blind. Genjuro attempted to steal him from Recca. He is a flash of fire so intense it will burn anything it is aimed at into ashes.
5th Madoka Kekkai En, Fire Barrier (flame foundation: Turtle) The fifth of Recca's Flame Dragons to submit. He is the 'king of the impenetrable barrier' and seems to be a relatively nice dragon, although he's just as arrogant as the others are. But he has a pleasant, kindly voice. Recca can also use the barrier around his enemy to prevent them from moving or killing themself.
6th Rui Gen En, Fire Illusion The sixth Flame Dragon, a Dragon of Illusion, who bestows her powers on those who answer her quiz. Then, she makes illusions which the Flame Master thinks up into reality.
7th Koku Hadö En, Fire Beam The seventh Flame Dragon, who appears as an ecchi little old man with a scar over one eye. He steals Recca's six dragons before his fight with Kurei, and teaches him how to properly combine multiple dragons into one attack, a blast of fire. He tends to appear in human form more frequently than the others, and seems to have some kind of friendship with Resshin. He is known as the pervert of all the dragons. When Recca uses Koku, he comes out and shoots a huge beam of fire through his mouth. This is Recca's second strongest technique. In the Ura Bato Satsujin, Raiha said if Kurei got hit by one of those, he'd be knocked out cold.
8th Resshin/Oka Unknown, In the manga he transforms the dead into living flames like Kurenai (flame foundation: Phoenix) The eighth Flame Dragon. He is the spirit of Recca and Kurei's biological father, and is neutral in the final fight between Kurei and Recca. While he lends his assistance to his sons when they fight against Mori Koran's clone, he does not give his powers to either. Resshin absorbs souls and turns them into Recca's flame.

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Born as the second son of Oka, Recca was declared as the successor of the Hokage clan whereas his half brother Kurei was deemed as a cursed child. One year passed after his birth, and in a fit of jealousy, Kurei attacked Recca, causing a scar on his cheek. As a result, Kurei was thrown into the prison. Some time after the attack, in the same year, Oda Nobunaga attacked the Hokage village in order to obtain the clan's set of mystical weapons, madogu. Oka died fighting to defend the village, and in the midst of battle, Recca's mother Kagero took him to the woods. She used the forbidden spell Jikuryuri to create a time portal. After she gave him the Tekko to protect him from his flames, she threw Recca to the portal, hoping that he'll grow up in a peaceful era. However, Kurei, who broke away from the prison in the midst of chaos, also jumped into the portal. As a result of using the forbidden spell, Kagero was granted a curse of immortality.

Present day

Recca was thrown into the present day, and was found by a fireworks manufacturer Shigeo Hanabishi, who incidentally had the similar hothead attitude like Oka. Shigeo adopted Recca as his own son. From that day forward, Recca lived like the usual boy of his age, going to school and such. But he enjoyed fighting, and wasn't really a good student despite of being able to graduate every year. Due to his birth origin as a ninja, he adores ninja in the present day and dreams to be one, to the point that people refer to him as 'Ninja maniac'. His record of fighting can be called impressive, as he never suffered any loss at all, using his agility, fireworks borrowed from Shigeo and ninja knowledge to surprise his opponents. He has two friends as well as bitter rivals, Fuko Kirisawa and Domon Ishijima. However, they never defeat Recca, even though he always gives a motivator for those who fight him : "If you can defeat me, I will be your personal ninja."
One day, while walking in the park after going home from school, Recca witnessed several punks harassing a fragile girl named Yanagi Sakoshita. Recca immediately rescued her, but beforehand, he had his fireworks confiscated by Shigeo. As a result, Recca was knocked unconscious. He dreamt about a princess looking like Yanagi thanking him. When he woke up, they finally introduced each other and Yanagi revealed her healing power. Soon, Recca made up his mind and suddenly made Yanagi his 'master', calling her 'Hime'. He took her into an abandoned building and revealed his secret power: creating flame (which he got from his birth as the son of the Hokage Flame Master).

	Soon, Kagero appeared in front of them, taking a new name as 'Kage Hoshi'. She pretended to be hostile with Recca and caused harm to both him and Yanagi, saying that only Recca's flame can kill her. After seeing that Recca was so devoted to Yanagi, Kage Hoshi let them go.

	Recca later would have to deal with his former rivals, Domon and especially Fuko, who was quite surprised that he easily made Yanagi his master without her even putting up a fight. Fuko went off a bit extreme and attempted to attack Yanagi. However, Recca defeats her and said that he chose Yanagi as his master because 'she fits my imagination as a princess'. Later Fuko went missing, but suddenly she called him to come at night to school. It turned out that Kage Hoshi manipulated Fuko and gave her madogu Fujin, which she easily mastered. Domon later came to help and Recca managed to snap Fuko back to her senses, after tearing her clothes, being punched by Domon and Fuko and called a 'dirty rat' by Yanagi. But just when he was about to vent his anger on Kage Hoshi, she purposely cut her own neck. But she survived, revealing that she's immortal. She also gave hint about her relation with Recca, that she's his family member. However, at the moment, Recca dismissed it.

	Soon, Recca's friendship with Yanagi, Fuko and Domon started to develop, and the latter two acknowledged that Yanagi is Recca's rightful master. Recca also found out that Yanagi works part time as a comic artist to entertain kindergarten children. However, he soon met his senior Tokiya Mikagami, who told him to stay away from Yanagi. As they argued, Mikagami revealed his madogu, the Water Sword Ensui. Recca was defeated and Mikagami stated that if he cared about Yanagi, he should stay away from her. Distraught, Recca did as Mikagami said and distanced himself from Yanagi, losing his usual spirit. Fuko and Domon later convinced Recca to apologize to Yanagi, and he got back to his senses. He confronted Mikagami in the Mirror House inside an amusement park. Using his battle instinct, he managed to trick and defeat Mikagami. He later made a vow to commit seppuku in case he failed to protect Yanagi, but Mikagami dismissed it, as he'll kill Recca himself in case such thing happened.


Recca later met Tatesako Fumio, a Japanese history teacher who's just as crazy about ninja as Recca. Invited to his house, Recca learnt a bit about the Hokage clan. But soon, they were attacked by Koganei Kaoru and Nagai Mokuren. Tatesako and Yanagi was kidnapped, and Tatesako's wife was injured. Waking up at the hospital, Recca learnt what happened from Fuko and Domon. He swore to save them. At first she thought Kage Hoshi was behind it, but she revealed that the one behind it was Kurei.

Recca, Fuko and Domon headed to Kurei mansion and fought their way to Kurei's chamber. Along the way, Mikagami returned and joined their fight. Recca showed his anger by easily dispatching Mokuren. However, the four of them couldn't hold a candle against Kurei and his flame, Kurenai. Kage Hoshi arrived and advised Recca to remove his Tekko. He did so and unleashed his flame within him : the 8 Karyu/Flame Dragons. He offered his arm for their help and their leader, Resshin, agreed with the offer, knocking Kurei out. Kurei later retreated, and the mansion crumbled. But they were successful to save Yanagi and Tatesako.

Ura Buto Satsujin Saga

Later, Recca and the others (including Mikagami), was invited to Kage Hoshi's hideout. It was there she revealed herself as Kagero, and telling Recca's past and their relationship. Recca didn't believe it, however, after they were attacked by three minor underlings, he admitted that Kagero was his mother. However, he became aware that one of the 8 Karyu (Nadare) was indirectly helping him.

Recca later went into a training session, attempting to fight the dragons himself and have them acknowledge his strength and accept him as their master. He gained the trust of Saiha and Nadare, and later he competed in the Ura Buto Satsujin, invited by Kurei. Recca's first battle was against Saicho from Team Ku, master of the madogu of Paper, Shikigami. Saicho lost due to heart failures, but Recca challenged the team captain Kukai anyway, dissatisfied with his victory. Kukai went berserk after being hit 3 times on the head, almost killing Recca. Eventually, Recca came out victorious, also gaining the trust of the third Karyu, Homura. In the next round, Koganei defected from the Uruha and joined Recca's team. Recca himself fought Sakura Meno, an innocent girl who became victim to genetical experiment, her body being planted with the Hair madogu Shikigami by one of Kurei's Uruha Jyushinshu, Genjuro. Recca managed to win his match and solved Meno's problem. He later challenged Genjuro and almost got his dragons stolen. However, Genjuro accidentally angered one of the dragons, Setsuna. The dragon mercilessly burned Genjuro and suddenly allied itself with Recca.

	Before the following round, Recca was caught into an argument with Mikagami, thinking that he got too close on Yanagi, sparking a tension. The tension remained until the day of fight. Their opponent, Neon of Uruha Jyushinshu, managed to get Recca to agree to fight on a double bout against her and her sister, Miki. The tension between him and Mikagami hindered their performance and almost got them killed, but Domon reminded them the importance of teamwork at cost of losing one winning point. Recca started fighting as a team and was gaining the upper hand. In a desperate moment, Neon activated her ultimate technique, Requiem, to blow up the whole stadium. Mikagami stopped the attack, but risked to kill Neon. In a desperation and unable to withstand having to see Neon's sisters lament on her loss, Recca managed to invoke the fifth Karyu, Madoka. With his barrier, he saved Neon's life.
Later, a fellow calling himself Joker invited him to watch a battle in the other round, in which another Jyushinshu called Jisho was participating. Out of his and Neon's prediction, Jisho ended up being killed by his opponent Magensha, who will later lead his team to fight Recca's in the semifinals. Receiving madogu Kotodama from Aki (Neon's other sister), Recca attempted to break Kagero's curse, but failed.

	In the semifinal, Recca fought against copy ninja Kashamaru, who surprised him with his ability to copy the Karyu. But with the help of the new Karyu, Rui, he defeated Kashamaru. After Magensha thrown Fuko into another dimension, Recca went off searching for her, only to find that there was another Magensha attacking Yanagi. Recca experimented the usage of two dragons at once and saved Yanagi. However, he found out that the Magensha he was fighting was another person, and the real Magensha was somewhere else. Indirectly, by doing this, Recca helped Domon win his match against Magensha. He later had a brief fight with Kurei, but they both walked away.

	During the break before the finals, Recca heard of an old man giving advices to his allies. The old man revealed that Recca would lose and he would need to seek him in order to win. In the next day, the old man and Neon forced him to listen to the past of Kurei, learning the origin of Kurenai and how it was simply wrong to label him as 'monster'. After Kagero told him that giving him mercy would just bring death, Recca was rather confused, although he still took Neon's words in heart. However, he later heard of a commotion. He found out that Joker was one of the Jyushinshu and betrayed them by injuring Saicho.

	Luckily Saicho was still alive. However, after Domon won his initial match against Noroi, the old man forced Recca to come with him by disabling his dragons. Recca was taken to 'the world within himself' and learnt that he must kept on living as a ninja. He later fought against his dragons in their human forms in order to get their trust back (except Setsuna, who he had to force to get into his body again). The old man revealed that he's the seventh dragon, Koku. Recca fought and managed to 'tame' him.

	Recca came just in time to fight his official battle against Kurei. They were both quite equal on terms of strength and power, however, in the end, after a very harsh fight, Recca came out victorious. He admitted that he carried the big burden to cure his mother's immortality, and if he died failing to protect Yanagi, he'll be doomed to be the 9th dragon. However, during the fight, Recca caught a glimpse of a more human Kurei.


After the tournament, Recca led a peaceful life for several weeks with Koganei living in his house. When he met Rasen and Kirin, he learned that Mori Koran, Kurei's foster father, was plotting something regarding as Tendo Jigoku, and Kurei was confirmed dead. Koku later provided information on the most evil madogu Tendo Jigoku. Determined, Recca decided to pursue Mori Koran and stop him from achieving Tendo Jigoku. Escorted with Joker, Recca and his team made their way to the Sealed Lands, learning further about the curse of Tendo Jigoku. The team later split up.
Recca managed to outwit Fumimaru in the Sealed Cavern, with the help from Kagero. He almost lost hope after learning that Mikagami fell into the enemy captivity, Domon and Fuko rumored to be dead. However, Domon resurfaced, and this resulted the rescue of Mikagami. However, Recca was defeated by Kirin, and knocked unconscious. When he woke up, Domon already defeated Kirin. Moving on, Recca faced off Rasen and his madogu that was capable of erasing anything, Kokai Gyoku, in which he lost his mother due to it. Fuko resurfaced with the help of another Jyushinshu, Raiha. In the same time, Recca reminded Rasen on the value of mother. Eventually, Rasen gave in and forfeited.
Facing off Mori Koran and his 'daughter' Renge, Recca was soon asked by Tendo Jigoku if he wanted power. He refused and attempted to destroy it. Out of his prediction, the madogu also refused him and chose Mori as his master. Recca fought the monstrosity for awhile, and told everyone to escape, except Fuko who refused. After witnessing the murder of Fuko's friend, Hisui, Recca went into a fit of rage. It was at that time suddenly Kurei resurfaced and indirectly helped Recca, even though both were still uneasy on each other. Recca learnt that Tendo Jigoku was still after Yanagi, but he made sure that he would protect her. Along with Fuko and Kurei, he escaped the cavern. Upon resurfacing, Kurei left the entourage, fighting on his own way.


For several days, Recca enjoyed a moment of peace, until a transfer student named Kagura Aoi came along. At that time, Recca had a rather intimate moment with Yanagi, resulting her declaring her love and giving him a kiss. However, soon Mikagami came and informed his suspicion on Aoi, which they later concluded that Aoi was a spy from Mori Koran. But on the way to save Yanagi, he, Mikagami and Koganei were stalled by Aoi's ally, Hiruko. In the end, Recca failed to save Yanagi.

	Eventually, Kagero located Mori's hideout in the city of SODOM. Koku also revealed that he's a madogu maker, and told everyone that the battle will be the last and decide the fate of Hokage. He bore the message that Resshin would like to meet Recca. Recca told his friends to think about the decision to follow him or not.

	Making his way, Recca met Resshin and learnt about Oka's past, from his personal feelings on Kurei into how he failed to protect the one he considered important and was doomed to be one of the Karyu. Coincidentally, the person that Oka sworn to protect was the ancestor of Yanagi. With a new determination, Recca returned to the real world and found all his friends waiting for him. He then proceeded to advance to the town of SODOM.

	The team split up again. Recca fought Koganei's opponent in the Sealed Cavern, Kamui. He immediately continued to face Mokuren in a final showdown, although Kukai came to help. Helped by a repented Kamui, Recca managed to make his way out of the crumbling dome as Mokuren wailed in insanity. Recca later resurfaced in Marie's house, helping Domon in his battle. After winning the battle, he made fun of Mikagami who was formerly trapped inside.

	The team reunited and split up again. Recca's path pitted him against Aoi, who turned out to be a male dressed like a girl, and was extremely jealous of Recca's flame. Learning on his origin, Recca defeated and lectured him to stop being so down on himself. Moving on to the final bout, Recca was advised by Koku to meet Resshin again and achieve his power : the power of resurrection. Recca also learnt that he was supposedly the cursed one instead of Kurei, that he would bring the end of Hokage. If he dies, he'll be a useless dragon. At first, Recca refused to use Resshin's power.

	Returning to the real world, Recca faced off the embodiment of evil, the true form of Tendo Jigoku emerging from its cocoon. He did his best to hold the monster at bay, and managed to snap Yanagi back to her senses. But, he was too late to save her, as she was dying. In the midst of anguish, Koku urged Recca to summon Resshin. Kurei also came and held off Tendo Jigoku while talking to Recca about his disappointment on him. Eventually, Recca made up his mind and summoned Resshin. Using it, he turned Yanagi into his flame angel, in the same fashion like Kurenai, except with healing flames, which turned out to be the real weakness of Tendo Jigoku. Helped with Kurei, Recca dealt the finishing blow, destroying the evil.

	As a result of Tendo Jigoku's destruction, all the madogu started to get destroyed, and the spirits of the Karyu would ascend to heaven. Recca was infuriated when he thought Yanagi would ascend as well, but fortunately that wasn't the case. Yanagi returned as a living human. Eventually, as Kurei prepared to return to the past, Recca bid farewell and made peace with his brother. However, Koganei also left him, following Kurei.

	Finally, peace returned for real to Recca and he could enjoy peaceful life from that point on (Kagero's immortality was cured beforehand). At one point, Yanagi stated that since the Hokage was no more, she'd prefer that Recca just to call her by name, not 'Hime'. As he prepared to lit a firework to end his saga, Recca exclaimed, "Then let's do it, Yanagi !"


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